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3 Best Ninja Games for Android 2017 – Get True Ninja Experience and Finish Tons of Missions!

Best Ninja Games for Android 2017 – Get True Ninja Experience and Finish Tons of Missions!

Ninja is depicted with a very skilled figure in martial arts, mysterious weapons and experts in infiltration. This figure we know from many Japanese movies and comics (manga). A Ninja is very interesting person, become a ninja is very cool, right? Some of you may have dreamed of becoming a ninja?

Here, we collect some ninja games that we find interesting, so check this out!

1. Ultimate Ninja Blazing


Naruto manga story has ended a while ago. To cure the longing of the Naruto lovers, a few moments ago Bandai Namco released the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing.

The game started from Naruto as genin, stealing the forbidden scrolls from the village and learning how to use the shadow clone jutsu. Then proceed against another team and also join others in a mission.

This game is the same as the original manga story. 1 team-based ninja team consist of three men / women. Each team member has a replacement slot assigned to them, you can switch between characters in the middle of battle.

The Ultimate Ninja Blazing fight uses a mix of turn-based strategy and product placement gameplay. Each turn unit is separated to put the unit at the beginning and let your character attack the designated target afterwards. Attacks vary from normal attacks on unit placement or active skills called ninjutsus that you can use after the chakra is filled.

In my opinion, this game is quite fun. A new type of game that is not a 3D fighting game or a rigorous RPG game.


2. Ninja Arashi


Ninja Arashi begins with a story: a retired ninja named Arashi. Arashi must be out of retirement to save his son. His son was kidnapped by a villain named Orochi.

You will traversing several levels while trying to catch and chase Orochi to save this retired ninja child. There are 30 levels you have to finish.

To complete each level you must collect the scroll. The scroll is hidden and there are three in each level. Sometimes it’s easy to find, sometimes it’s a difficult challenge.

You can enjoy the visual aspect in this game. All the silhouettes in the foreground and detail in the background are very good. The playing experience becomes quite real and fun. Sound effects also work well.

Overall, an interesting game is quite worth your try.


3. Ninja Revenge


Play as a ninja of anger kills every assassin to get revenge on his wife. When they dare to ride an angry ninja, there is only blood!

Get true ninja experience, finish tons of missions, fast speed and simple control.