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Grow Stone Online – Idle MMORPG Review

Playing a game is a fun past time. It is because while playing we can relieve our boredom and stressed, but there are also times when you need to leave the games and do some work. Maybe because of that reason many people choose to play “idle” type of games.

Idle game is a game which runs and play itself while the users do some other works. The users will be able to make some change in the games while playing and the game will run by itself. It is pretty fun game in my opinion. Well, as always, us ( will gives you a review of a game that we think worthy to play, and one of the game is called Grow Stone Online.



★ Adventure to find the legendary stone! ★

Welcome to Grow Stone Online, a IDLE MMORPG to find the legendary stone!
Play in 16-bit retro and Grow stone with multiplayer online!

Playing an idle game is okay, and it might be boring in a long run. But, Grow Stone online is different. It is not the usual idle game. It is a IDLE MMORPG game. It means that it is an online Idle game. Besides playing the game, you could also socialize with other gamers, comparing tips and tricks that you have. You could also help each others beat a certain type of monster or even kill a boss together with your friends or stranger that you have just met.

The game uses the concept of idle game, and online rpg games. Your character will be able to attack the monster in a dungeon and also have a lvling system that will determine your character rank. The monster can be attacked by a so called “Stone” in the game that can be collected through mining.

The stone can be combine with the same tier stone to make another and more powerful stone. It is well, the concept of the game. The idle aspect of the game is that, you can use the auto attack function in the game to so that you will be able to leave the game running by itself.

Pros Cons
1. An Interesting concept of a game that combine the aspect of MMORPG and Idle games 1. Moderately need money to unlock different feature in the games
2. Plenty of freebies so you can beat a premium player after some times 2. A bit Laggy Sometimes
3. A very fun Past time games 3. –

Well, the game is pretty fun and can definitely be a fun past time for anyone of all age. So? Are you interested in playing? Well, click the link below to download the game!

App Rating : Grow Stone Online - Idle MMORPG (Free (In App Purchase))

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