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Grow Stone Online Tips and Tricks – How to be A Good Gamer!

Grow stone online is one of the most popular RPG game that you can download on the Google play store or iTunes. Anyway, we have done the review of the game if you are wondering, and if you wanted to check that you can click into the link “Grow Stone Online – Idle MMORPG” to see it.


Anyway, because it is one of the popular RPG games right now, surely people might be wondering as to how on earth do you get good in the game. Well, you can do it with some of the tips and tricks below. This article will definitely be helpful for those beginner that had just started playing the games.

1. Combining is not always the right thing to do


Most of you guys might already know this, but the beginner might not. Well, combining is a good way to help you find the upgrade weapon that you had from the previous one. It has a higher attack stats of the weapon on the same level.¬†So, unless you haven’t upgrade your current weapon, i don’t recommend you to combine your weapons as it will leads your attack power being lower than before.

2. Stick to one, then use it until you can’t


Like i said from before, combining is not the best way to play the game. So, what do you need to do? Well, stick to one weapon and use it until you can’t hit the enemies with it anymore. The way the game works is that, you can upgrade your weapons to increase its attack power. From my experience, it is best to leave it til you leave to the next dungeon while grinding for gold. You can still combine your weapons to get a new one though.

3. Paid Ruby? No Thank you.


For most of you guys that play game just for fun, then you might have the same mindset as me. Well, the game has a lot of ways to get Ruby. You can get it from the daily achievement, just let your character run while you do something else and you will definitely get around 30 – 50 ruby per 2 hour.

Of course, you need to turn on your Phone for that time. Anyway the simplest way to get it is by watching the ads which will gives you around 5 – 10 ruby per watch. Another way to get the ruby is by using the ruby box which is available in the buffs section and can be bought with only 50 ruby. Think of it as an investment that you can get all the time. The 50 ruby are definitely worth it!

4. Inventory 


To be good at the game, you need to understand the game mechanic. Well, in your backpack there are 4 rows of weapon storage that you can use to either combine or just to simply store it. Well, each time your character goes on the dungeon to kill some enemies, It will only use the first row of your backpack as the weapons. So keep that in mind and fill up the first row with bunch of usable weapons that could hit and damage the enemies

5. Gold


The easiest way to do some hunting is to just log off your game and don’t open it until the end of time. But then again that is not a game playing. Another way is to let your character roam on an empty dungeon, fill your first row with weapon and just kill the enemies. It will help you get around 1000 or 2000 with only half an hour. You will also get some achievement with it and can get some ruby along the way. So, it is a win win situation.

6. Idle?


Well, idling is the name of the game, so you don’t need to worry about it. In the meantime what you need to worry is that, when you go to the dungeon, you will need to watch out for the boss. As it will definitely kill your character on the first try. Well, except if you have upgraded your weapons and buffs. Then you can let your character roam freely, but if you haven’t then try to kill it before leaving your game idle.

Grow Stone Online Tips and Tricks
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