Lego Games Quest & Collect Review

Lego Games Quest & Collect Review

Lego is one of the most played toys for all kids this days. Kids even adults likes to play it, besides that it even boost a child creativity by creating something from the tiny blocks, did you know that there are a Lego games for android users? Well, the name is Lego Quest & Collect



Experience an epic new LEGO® adventure and join the Quest to save Brick World

▒ For the first time on smartphones and tablets, players can build their own collection of LEGO® Minifigures and playsets from multiple LEGO® product lines, including: LEGO® CITY, LEGO® MINIFIGURES™, LEGO® NINJAGO™, LEGO® CASTLE, LEGO® PIRATES and more.
* Collect famous LEGO® characters throughout Brick World, including characters exclusive to the game.
* Collect Soul Bricks to unlock characters and release them from the Mad Creator’s control

The game start of with a story. It is about a world in which people are free to build everything, and the most powerful artifact is the gold bricks that being stolen by the villain mad creator. So you with the princess will search and take the gold bricks back from the villain. The game uses the concept of any RPG games, using the heroes and kill bunch of different enemies in each stages.

The game is very fun to play, you could choose 3 heroes to follow you in each stages. Each heroes has their own skills and ultimate. There are also ranged heroes that will attack from the distance and close combat heroes. There are also type of heroes which focus on defense, support, and attack. So the combination of each heroes will help you in the game.

This game however is still not perfect, because sometimes it will lags a bit in the game, and for most phone. It will crash by a lot but if you can get past, i think it is still a very interesting game to play. So? Are you interested in playing the game? Well, if you are. You could download it in the link below!

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LEGO® Quest & Collect (Free (In App Purchase))
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