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Cartoon Wars 3 – A Challenging Tower Defense Game

Cartoon war is a series of a cartoon like drawing that has been animated. The animated drawing can used bunch and different type of weapons. Each weapon has their own skills, and now the game cartoon wars is on the 3rd series called Cartoon Wars 3.



Cartoon Wars is back!
Come see why over 80 million users worldwide have played this legendary series!

Prepare yourself to be drawn into the action.

Cartoon Wars 3 is a strategic tower defense game. It is the third installment of the game that is made by game evil. The game is made from the previous installment which is called cartoon wars 1, and cartoon wars 2. The previous installment is pretty great and that is why the company made the third installment

You can build your own armies to kill the other enemies and destroy them, defend your castle with bunch of different spells like arrow launcher and other things. The soldier / armies have plenty of different animation and attack skills which makes each soldier unique to its own style. You could also enhance your soldier and evolve them. You could also go on a raid or even play with your friends in a team battle mode.

Pros Cons
1. A Challenging tower defense games 1. Need lots of connection, so remember to used your wi – fi
2. Very Challenging and have plenty of interesting soldier to be used 2. Bad Graphic
3. It is free and have a free gifts every day 3. –
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App Rating : Cartoon Wars 3 (Free (In App Purchase))
Cartoon Wars 3tower defense game
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