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Calculator The Game Review – Cute Calculator Games with A Funny Dialog!

Calculator The Game Review – Cute Calculator Games with A Funny Dialog!

Math is the least favorite subjects for  most of people. Well, it is probably because you need to really be careful when counting the number. What if you can make math a little bit easier? A way to learn math and having fun? How? by playing a game!

Game is the best way to make something fun. It is because that is what game is made for. So, what kind of game that can help you make math a lil bit fun and easier? You should try a game called Calculator The Game.


In a world of calculators, one dared to become a game.

Sure, you’ve used calculators before, but have you ever “played” a calculator?

Welcome to Calculator: The Game where you’ll manipulate numbers by adding them, subtracting them, converting them, reversing them, and stuffing them through portals … yes … PORTALS.


Calculator the game is a unique math puzzle game. You play as a user that is using a calculator to calculate a number to a certain number in the goal. The thing is though, you have a limited number of move to calculate the number. The game looks almost impossible in a glance, but i promise you got it.

You can add the number, subtract it, square it, divide it and many more. The game is pretty fun if you give it a chances.

Pros Cons
1. A Puzzle Game that is fun and educative 1. Plenty of ads………………………
2. Cute calculator with a funny dialog 2. –

Are you interested in the game? Click the link below to play it!

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Calculator: The Game (Free (In App Ads))
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