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SHAREit Review – The Super Cross-Platform File Transfers App

SHAREit Review – The Super Cross-Platform File Transfers App

Nowadays, sending files between devices is quite easy. For the latest smartphone model, many file transfer method between devices is provided ranging from NFC, Bluetooth to WiFi. For fellow Android smartphones, it may be easy and you have lots of options. But what if the transfer of files to Windows phone, Computer, iOS, etc? The setting would be more complex.

All of these problems can be easily solved using the SHAREit app. This app supports cross-platform file transfers. The app has data transfer speeds up to 100x times faster than Bluetooth, and its ability to transfer data in any format.

The original file will be delivered quickly and without any loss of quality. With this app, you can transfer any of your photos, videos, music, installed apps, and other files on your device. This app is available on many devices. Smartphone, Personal Computer, Tablet, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 7/8/10.

This application can run multiple transfer processes simultaneously. The process is very similar to Xender app. First, you will select the file and press the Send button. The receiver must then press the Receive button.

The process is very fast. If the sent file is not too large, the process will finish in seconds without any problems. The PC connectivity feature really gives you the advantage of controlling all the files on your smartphone or tablet directly from the computer. You can view or transfer files between these devices.

Now, I will share how to transfer files from Android to PC with Windows 7 OS.

– Install ShareIt for Windows PC

Visit from your PC. Download shareit for your windows version. Soon you will download the setup file. Install the setup file and you have successfully installed this application.



– Install ShareIt for Android phone

1. Get this app here.

2. Install the app and open the app. Update your profile.


3. The app is ready!



How to Use Shareit on PC to Transfer File

  1. Open the PC version app


2. Open the app on your phone and tap menu icon on the top left, choose Connect to PC. Then click Accept.


On the phone Screen


Make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.


3. Enjoy, the app already connected!

4. To send files, you just drag the file and put it here.