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Beta Games – Chrono Clash: A Tactical RPG Games with Tons of Quest!

Beta Games – Chrono Clash – A tactical RPG games with Tons of Quest! A while ago, we have covered a bit about some beta games. Beta games is a game that is finished, and can be played already but may or may not contain some bugs. Usually, the developers allow people to download and play the game, but in return the player must give a report about the bugs and some things.

Well, to support the developer, us ( have made a choice to cover a bit about new Beta Games that is out in public and can be download in google play store. Right now, the games that we have choose to review is Chrono Clash.


Description Story: As the war over ancient Relics continues to rage, there’s fame and fortune to be made; especially for a band of mercenaries like yours. Lead your a squad on various contacts and oversee their tactics. Manage resources, unlock new job classes and uncover powerful relics to become renowned through out the land of Tevalles.

 Chrono Clash (Unreleased)- screenshot The Chrono Clash game is an unique Tactical RPG games that uses the concept of time and delay. After your character use a move, there will be a timer above the character head that indicate when your character will move. The more powerful your moves is, the more time that character need to wait before his / her turns.

Anyway, this game has a pretty simple concept in my opinion, it is straight to the point. No adventuring, no exploring, just quest and battles. The other thing is just some added feature like equipment refine, enchantment, chest and many more.

One of the thing that i like about this game type is the jobs system. In the Chrono Clash, the player can change the jobs into what they wanted to. However, you need to unlock the job and pay a set amount of scroll to change it. Unlike many other game that uses the concept of hiring a mercenaries whenever you are in a tavern or so, this game used an already made character, and you need to find them, help them and then they will join you, kinda like a recruit type of system.

 Chrono Clash (Unreleased)- screenshot

So, each Quest will give you a rating. The higher the rating means the more item that you will get. Sometimes you will also get some Chest. The Chest that you found will give you 3 equipments / skills that you can use. Yes skill, in this game you could also change your skill set, which is why it is awesome! So, are you interested in the game? Well, lets download it and support the developer! I have play it for a bit and honestly am surprise by the game, but of course there are some problem. So far, some of the problem / bug that i have found are:

  • When you go on a quest and finish it. At the end your game will load for a long time and it said that you haven’t finish the quest yet or something like that. How i fix, (Click the back button and then click on retreat). Your quest will be abandoned but you won’t need to restart your game.
  • Sometimes there won’t be any sound in the game at all.

Well, i have played the game for just a bit and that is what i found from the game. So, if you are playing the game, please help the developer by reporting the bug from the game. Thank you for reading and if you are interested, click the link below!

App Rating

Chrono Clash (Free (In App Purchase))