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LAB Escape! Game Review + Tips and Tricks!

There are tons of new game that is being made and there are plenty of gamers to play the game. The game that we are going to be reviewing today is a infinite running game that is made by the Doomsday Studio, and the name of the game is Lab Escape!



Welcome little specimen!
You’re the unstable… thingy captured by scientist.
Consume meats, select random Mutations, and Devour all bad guys in your sight!

 LAB Escape!- screenshot

The game Lab Escape is a game where you are a specimen that is trying to be free from the Lab. You are a monster, so you will need to eat humans to survive, each time you ate a human there will be a experience that you will get, and with it you can mutate yourself to be a greater being. Try to survive as long as you can by using your new found mutated ability.

Pros Cons
1. SUPER FUN! and SUPER CHALLENGING! 1. Plenty of ads, but the ads will give you lots of item or coins
2. Plenty of mutated skills and awesomeness! 2. Lagging a bit after a long run
3. can be played and win even without paying a single dime 3. –


 LAB Escape!- screenshot

The first 2 / 3 game won’t be fun for you. It is because you don’t have any upgrade to your specimen and it will die easily before even mutated once. Note that your specimen won’t get hurt by bumping into a shield or helmet, but be careful for the thorny shield as it will reduce your health a lot in the early game.

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Here are the tips and tricks to play the game:

  • After the tutorial, click the 3rd tab of the game which is the shopping cart, and then get the supply drop. Watch the ads and you will get money or equipment that will boost your health and give you a plus mutation skill.
  • Upgrade your health first until you can sustain yourself and then upgrade the health reduction one. After that upgrade the money and the evolution from meat to the end.
  • The most important mutation skill is the Rotten Maggot – that could protect you for a period number of time. Upgrade that to lv 3.
  • Unicorn lvl 1 and magnet lvl 1 are important in the early game, so be sure to get those.
  • Quad core and titanium teeth should be max, but you can upgrade the other that is more important than those.
  • If you got any armor mutation skill, besides the one above then upgrade those.
  • Rad Syringe should be upgraded to lvl 1 only, and Magnet to lvl 2 because magnet lvl 3 doesn’t have any big difference to magnet lvl 2.

There you have it, some of the tips and tricks for LAB Escape, if you have any other tips or tricks. Feel free to comment below.

App Rating : Lab Escape! (Free (In App Purchase))
LAB Escape!running game
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