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Mobile Legend Hero Analysis: Grock! Somethings that You Need to Know Before Buying Him

Mobile Legend Hero Analysis: Grock! SHOULD YOU BUY GROCK OR NOT!

Another new hero has been made by the Mobile Legend team. Props to the team that is working hard to made this game the best MOBA game ever. However, making a new hero doesn’t mean that the player need to buy it. You guys need to understand the pros and cons before buying this hero. Now, we (the roonby team) will give you some insight about the hero.

Note: This analysis and report is made by using someone else video gameplay.

Passive SkillAncestral Gift:

Grock will increase his movement speed by 10% and 26-180 Physical and Magical Defense (increase with level) when Grock is near to a wall or a turret.

1st Skill: Power of Nature:

Raises weapon to sweep nearby enemies, dealing 300(+) Physical damage and slowing their movement speed for 2 seconds. The longer the charges, the higher damages.

2nd Skill: Guardian Barrier:

Fires a shock wave towards a target location, dealing 300(+) Physical damage. Then the shock wave becomes a stone wall that blocks the enemies for 5 second.

Ultimate: Wild Charges:

Charges forward, dealing 300 (+) Physical damages to enemies on the path. Hitting a wall or a turret will allow him to deal 450 (+) Physical damages to the nearby enemies and reduce cool down of this skill by 30%


Source: (Youtuber : BluePanda)

Judging by the heroes skill and stuff, you might think that Grock is a typical tank. However, it is actually a tank and a fighter in my opinion. His damages is huge because of his first skill, and his ultimate can be used to either chase the enemies or stun it (by airborning the enemies that obstruct his path see the video  4.20) and dealing a huge damage while doing so.

The second ability can also be used to divide your enemy in a group fight, and also be used to obstruct the path of escape for your enemies. And also his passive will give him a bonus of magical and physical defense which can be used for tanking a lot. It is a tank for real with real damage and real defense. Grock is so over powered, based on that theory.

HOWEVER, you need to understand that this hero need a good control user. Especially in his second skill which will bring up a wall that will not only obstruct his enemies escape path, but also your chase path (See the video 7.11).

If by chances you let the enemies run away by failing to use the second skill, then be prepare to receive your teams wrath in the chat. Your ultimate can also push your enemies away, so they will have an easier time to run away, and his passive need him to be near the wall all the time. You need good timing and control.

Honestly, i don’t really recommend you to buy the hero. However, if you are up for the challenges. Then go for it!