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Sporos – A Free Puzzle Game with Interesting Design and Concept

Puzzle games are some of the most popular games genre that is downloaded and played by millions people everyday. The most popular one is Angry bird which is a type of puzzle game. Here in roonby, we will give you another type of puzzle game that is easy, challenging, and unique. It is called Sporos.


Sporos is a simple yet challenging puzzle game. The objective is to light up the cells in each level with a special seed known as the Sporos. Players drag pieces onto the board one at a time, arranging them to extend all the way down every row and column.

Sporos demands a mix of skill, luck, and logic; in order to succeed, players will conduct clever experiments like scientists in a lab. The soothing electronic music helps you keep your cool, while the colorful graphics lend the game a spacey, biological vibe. Sporos starts off easy, but with hundreds of levels and multiple solutions for each, it will take a true puzzle genius to master this stylish, colorful app.

This game is easy at first and as the game goes by it get increasingly harder and harder. You need to work your brain out to know which Sporos can be used to light up the cell. There are more than 400 level for free to start and can be added if you want to by paying some money to unlock a new lab. The graphic is unique with a futuristic neon theme, and if you are stuck, then you will be able to use the hint to help you.

Pros Cons
1. A Challenging puzzle game 1. ads but not to the point of hindering the game
2. Graphic is nice with a lil bit of hint if you are stuck. 2.You need to pay to unlock another stages, but there are lots of stages that is unlocked for free so it is okay.


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