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Dragon Project Review – A Real Time MMORPG Game with Tons of Stuff to Do!

There are so many MMORPG game that is available for download and play in the Google Play Store. However, most of them aren’t that fun to play. But, i think The Dragon Project has the chances to be the most popular MMORPG game! Check it out!


A new action- and strategy-based multiplayer role-playing experience, previously ranked #1 in the Japan App Store and Play Store*.

Greetings from the Kingdom of Heiland, where monsters and mysteries of all kinds lurk.
You are a Hunter on a mission: team up with friends to slay monsters, gather precious materials to forge and upgrade your own weapons and armor, then enhance them with Magi to acquire powerful skills. And do them all with one finger, thanks to our easy-to-play, intuitive controls.

The game has a bit similarity with the Monster Hunter game. Some of you guys might know it. Especially if you have played the game. The game is pretty fun, your objective is to complete the quest that is given to you by a girl named Pamela.

You are a hunter, which means that you need to kill monster, and to kill the monster you will need a good weapon. A good weapon can be crafted from the material of a monster that you killed. It is an endless cycle of killing and crafting.

Another thing that i really love about this game is it didn’t have the auto function. Which a lot of mobile MMORPG use for some reason. So, to be good at this game, you need to learn a bunch of tips and tricks that you can find by yourself, or just power level and be Over Powered because of the level difference.

The game has a magic  or a skill feature to called Magi. It can be used to kill the Monster with just a single tap. However, there are a cool down that you need to think before using. To get the skill called Magi, you need to summon it first.

Another unique feature from the game is that you can summon a monster that will give you a bunch of different and unique material that can be used to craft the weapon. The summoned monster can be fight together with another user or player in a party of 4. You can invite your friends or other people to help you with the raid. Each Player will also gain a benefit from the raid like the material from the craft.

Honestly, this game is awesome! like for real! There are nothing wrong in this game except for the long loading time and the connection problem. Apart from that, the game is the best! I hope that the developer will be able to keep up the good work. Thank you for reading this article and have a nice day!

App Rating : Dragon Project (Free (In App Purchase))

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