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Dragon Project Tips and Tricks – What is The Best Weapon?

Based on the previous game review called the Dragon Project. The game is pretty awesome, there are tons of feature, and the best thing is that you can easily change your weapon in this game! And based on your weapon, your game play style will change too. So for those that had played the game, you might think that what is the best weapon that i can use?

If you are new to the game, then you could see this guide here “Dragon Project tips and tricks – A Guide for beginner

There are 5 weapons in total, from Sword and Shield, Greatsword, Lance, Dual sword and a Bow. So you might be thinking Bow is the best, right? You can range your enemies and then hit them with your bow. That is not so true however. Each weapon has their own pros and cons, and here we are going to give you some of the pros and cons that we have found plus some of the tips and combos that you can use to play the game.

1. Sword and Shield

Pros Cons
1. Great for Tanking 1. Low Damages
2. Can Shield yourself and countering by holding your screen 2. Can’t be used in a behemoth fight alone (Well you can, but it will be slow)
3. – 3. Timing is important for shielding

The Sword and shield is the first weapon that will be given to you automatically at the start of your game. It is pretty balanced and you can do a basic attacking plus tanking with it. The best feature of it is the shield which can shield up to 1/10 damage from your enemies, and given the low health of your character, this is your best balanced weapon.

However, the sword and shield can’t give much damages to your enemies. If you want to use this, then you could add a damage magi with it so that you can deal more damage to the monster. In team fight however, this sword and shield shine the best. However keep in mind that you also need to deal damage to the enemies to keep the agro up so that you will be attacked. It requires moderate amount of control to play and perfectly good for beginner.

Special Ability: guard and counter attack depending on your timing.

Difficulty: 5/10

2. Great Sword

Pros Cons
1. High damages 1. Low attack speed
2. Can one hit Monster with its hold and release skill 2. Low speed
3. – 3. Low charging speed

Basically if you wanted to one hit kill bunch of monster with a single combo, then this is your choice. However keep in mind that you need either charge your weapon by a lot or just blindly hitting your enemies with your weapon.

You can dodge by flicking your screen however there is a slight delay before it happens. So you need to be careful, another thing that you need to know is that the speed of your character will slow down by a lot while using the weapons. So you need to be a lot careful while using this weapon.

Special Ability: Can charge your weapon while holding and release a powerful attack, can charge up to 2 times.

Difficulty: 6/10

3. Lance

Pros Cons
1. 3 combos that are powerful 1. Delay
2. Second best ranged weapon in the game 2. Can’t dodge while using a combo
3. Can quickly get back into the fight after being knocked down 3. –

The lance is probably the best weapon in my opinion. It is because you can do tons of combos and the range of your combo is superb. There are 3 combos, the usual usual tap, dodge then tap, and then hold to lunge then tap.

All of the combos is ranged and can easily swipe every enemies across the map. It is a pretty awesome, anyway the cons is that, while using your combos you can’t dodge making you yourself pretty vulnerable for any attacks to the side. There are also a short delay when dodging so you ┬áneed to watch out for that.

Special Ability: Lunge toward your enemies and then tap to do tons of combos

Difficulty: 3/10

4. Dual Sword

Pros Cons
1. Quick weapon 1. Monotone, kinda boring (The combos i mean but it is personally my problem)
2. Charge skill / special ability can make your character invincible if timed right 2. Charge is very slow
3. Can dodge whenever you want 3. Moderate – low damages

Dual Sword is a pretty hard to use weapon. It has a high speed combo, and you can also dodge anytime you wanted when combo-ing. Your timing needs to be very good to play with it. The weapon also have a moderate to low amount of damages, so you need to have bunch of different attack up Magis that can be used to help your damages. Apart from that, this weapon is pretty good.

Special Ability: Frenzy, can attack bunch of times after charging. While jumping your character will be invincible for a while

Difficulty: 7/10

5. Bow

Pros Cons
1. Longest ranged weapon 1. Need a lots of control
2. Powerful 2. Can’t run away if you are targeted.
3. Can easily Snipe your enemies weak point 3. –

This is probably the hardest weapon to play especially in a one on one fight with a behemoth. You need a lot of control to snipe your enemies weak point, and of course there are prediction shots that will help you snipe them. However the game bugs a bit and sometimes the prediction won’t show up at all. If you are the main damage dealer in the game then it will be a problem because you will agro the monster to much and be targeted instead. However if you timed it right, you will be able to dodge the incoming damages.

Apart from all, using a bow is fun in a field. You can snipe a monster from far away, and can even take a kill from another player. However the you need to hold your screen first before releasing the shots as it will be more powerful then just releasing it. There are 2 combos that you can do with a bow, 1st is the hold and released which has a longer ranged and can penetrate your enemies, another is the dodge and hold combos that is more suited for 1 vs 1 monster / a behemoth fight that will release 3 arrow but has a low penetration power and lower range.

Special Skill: Long Range attack

Difficulty: 8/10

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