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Dragon Project Tips and Tricks – The Beginner Guide to Play The Game!

You know, based on the game called Dragon Project, here we are going to give you some of the tips and tricks that you can use to help you in the game. I am just a beginner at this game, but i am curious and has been gathering bunch of information from reddit.

Reddit is definitely a great place to gather up information. Especially, if you wanted to have a two way communication with another player. So, without further ado, here are the information that i personally selected and made. Check them out!

1. Evolving a weapon is better than making a new one

Making a better weapon are nice. You will be able to get a new weapon with cool design and the higher weapon attack. However did you know that you can evolve your weapon? Well, evolving can be done when you had upgraded your weapon to the end, and by upgrading the weapon you will be able to choose the evolution. You could add elements to it, or even add an attack bonus to it.

See the Image above! You will see a great sword weapon called Damascus. In the first picture, you will see that the Damascus has only 174 attack while the evolve one has 164, however when you look closer, the weapon has an added elemental attack which is 237 earth element attack. It is pretty huge and it is only a B tier weapon.

So be sure to evolve your weapon.

2. Move around the field faster using the Lance.

You might already know this, but moving around in the field to search for monster is a pain in the a**. Especially if the field are humongous.

Well, did you know that you can use Lance to easily move around? The tips is easy just hold your screen while you are using a lance type of weapon, and then release.

After releasing it, use dodge by flicking your finger in the screen and then hold to lunge again. There won’t be any delay and you can easily move across your battlefield.

3. To Finish the Quest easily, open up a Lounge.

You see, there are times when you need to find and kill a rare monster like a Gold Slime, or a Vacarron which only spawns 2 in one map. There are tons of people that are doing the same quest and only 2 monster. So what can you do?

Open up a lounge. It is kinda like a private server for you and your friends to play with, and only the persons that are on the lounge will be able to see each other. It is also the best way to play and finish up a Quest with your friends. The lounge will be opened 24 hours and you will be automatically transferred when you log in. (It also reduce lags by a lot).

4.  Shield and sword user is the best to revive any fallen user

Why? Because they can shield and can’t be knocked over while the monster are attacking. It is also great for tanking. (Note for more information about the weapon click on the link here Dragon project tips and tricks – What is the best weapon?)

5. Bow user, snipe the weak point of any monster

A bow user can’t contribute much in the game. However, the best feature of a bow user is that it can snipe any parts of the monster. You don’t need to charge up your shots. The most important thing is that you can hit the weak point.

Why? Because with it, you will be able to improve the chances that a monster being fatigue, and while being fatigue, the chance of breaking any part of a monster body will improve significantly. (Note for more information about the weapon click on the link here Dragon project tips and tricks – What is the best weapon?)

6. Great sword user, endure a few hit!

Did you know that while releasing your charge skill, you won’t be affected by any attack at all. Of course the damage is still there, but you will still be able to use the charged skill that you had released.

It is great, if you timed it after a monster attack end. Usually after a monster attacks, they will revealed a weak point that you can attack. However, you can only attack it for a while. (Note for more information about the weapon click on the link here Dragon project tips and tricks – What is the best weapon?)

7. Magi or Monster Quest?

For me, personally i like to use my gems for Magi summoning. Here is why, it is because the passive Magi that i want. A magi that could increase the damage of a weapon, while equipping it on any armor. There are 4 Armor in total: hat, body, leg, and gloves.

Each armor can hold 2 if you have already break the limit. It means that you can equip a total of 8 passive skill in each armor, an A ranked Bow Craft as you can see above. It will improve 83+ damage of each shots. 83*8 = 664. Which is enormous!

Every thing that you had read is just a personal guide that i have made for you guys. You are definitely free to use the guide if you wanted to. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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