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Beta Games: Gladiator Rising Review + Tips and Tricks – A New Rogue Like RPG

If you have been on the site for a while, you might know that we make some good review about beta games that is just released. The review is made so that people will know about the game and help the developer so that they will be able to grow. So this week, please check out the new Beta Games edition games called: Gladiator Rising.


Fight through three Chapters of constantly changing, randomly generated gladiators.
Buy, equip and use items as you compete to become the ultimate warrior.
Strategy is key to success in this mix of rogue-like and turn-based RPG mix.

So in short, your goal is to be the best gladiator in the games. How? By fighting in the arena and win the game. The game used a rogue like RPG elements like the Permadeath (Short for Permanent Death) which means that every time you die, you restart / game over. Another Rogue like RPG element are the ability to customize your character looks, and jobs.

There are 3 jobs that you can choose: Mage, Warrior and Rogue. Each jobs has their own special ability.

  1. Warrior, can shout to stun the enemies.
  2. Mage can add Mp for the cost of Stamina, and
  3. Rogue can evade and throw weapon for free.

There are 2 battle that you can fight, the first one is in the arena which is your goal and you will be able to progress each time you defeat another gladiator. The second one is the one where you rest and fight a monster.

It will give you some items if you are lucky enough and you will be able to replenish your health, mana and stamina after the battle.

I think it is enough about the game itself. What i love is the game fighting system. It uses a turn based RPG system, which Developer often used in RPG games.

To attack, your character will need a stamina, and 20 stamina point will be used each time you attack. To replenish your stamina, you will need to select defense or rest. Each choice has their own benefits. Defense will restore half of your given stamina and allow you to take less damage from the enemies. Rest will allow you to restore all of your stamina, however you will take a considerably amount of damage. So you need to watch out and calculate to win the game.

Another thing that i loved is the cool spell system. You will be able to teach your character bunch of different spell and abilities by reading a book. Each book will give you 3 spell that you can choose from, and each spell has bunch of cool effect that you can exploit to win the arena.

The game is so fun and definitely worth your time. I had played it and got to the 2nd stage of gladiator before suddenly my character regressed itself to lvl 1. It is probably the bug, and i had reported it. So be sure to report the bug that you had found so that the developer can fix it.

Anyway thank you for reading and if you are interested in the game, you could download it in the link below!

App Rating : Gladiator Rising: Roguelike RPG (Unreleased) (Free (In App Ads))

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