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Dice Hunter: Quest of Dicemancer – Game Review

Dice Hunter: Quest of Dicemancer – Game Review

Everyday, there are tons of new interesting game with a new concept offered in Google Play Store. Many people don’t really want to play a new stuff that they didn’t know.

So, we are here to give you a review about some game that is being made by the developer with unique and interesting feature. Today, we are going to review a game called Dice Hunter: Quest of Dicemaster.


Master tactical dice battles! Enjoy the clever combination of skill and luck. Dice Hunter is a turn-based role playing game with collectible dice. Play now for FREE!


Become the Dicemancer and assume the incredible ability to capture creatures into dice. Hunt dice and wield them to save the Land of Chance from the marauding minions and evil allies of the wicked Snake Eyes.

Unlike other RPG or dice games, Dicemaster combine both aspect into the game. It means the game has both aspect. You use the dice to either defense, or attack the enemies. You will have 6 dice in total that you can use to attack and defense.

Each dice has a demons that inhibit it, and the demons will have their own special ability to either attack, defense, and heal (you can only assign 3 abilities in each game). However, you need to find the first dice to use it. You could also level up and evolve the dice to boost up their special ability.

Another thing that i love about this game is the simplicity. Oh and it is challenging too, to win a stages. However, it is not that hard either. Each time you level up / finishing a stages. You will unlock another feature of the game. The game also gives you a free gems, and you could choose whether or not you wanted to watch the in app ads.

So, are you interested in playing the game? Well, if you are then give them a try. It is pretty fun!

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Dice Hunter: Quest of the Dicemancer (Free (In App Purchase))
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