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Evil Apples: A Card Against Humanity Game!

Evil Apples: A Card Against Humanity Game!

Card Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. You will play with a group of friends and then it will give you a card of “___” and your task is to fill in the blank with the given card. The card game is pretty popular for Youtuber and plenty of youtuber have make it. There is also a games called Evil ApplesA Dirty Card Game that is the same as the popular card against humanity.


Evil Apples is a filthy & hilarious card & party game for adults looking for dirty humor and fun times!

The idea of evil apples is to give a fun party game as an ice breaker. You pick out 3 of your friends and then play it with them. You will be given red card and white card. A red card will be shown to all player, and have a fill in the blank sentences, for example “Nothing excites a group of catholic priest more than _____.”

Your friends, will select a white card that will have the answer e.g “A Homeless Person”. The answer will be so random, and will be so horrible that you will definitely laugh out a loud.

A judge will be selected clockwise among you guys and you will select the most horrible or something that will make you laugh a lot. If you get selected as the best card. You will be awarded 1 points. If you got 7 points the game will end and you will win. Easy right?

Pros Cons
1. A Fun Party Games 1. Rude kids playing the game and to throw off your games
2. Tons of different sentences and answer 2. You will be made into a horrible person
3. Have a GPS Function for you to play with your friends locally 3. –

App Rating

Evil Apples: A Dirty Card Game (Free (In App Purchase))
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