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AppValley Beta – A Free Paid Tweaked iOS App for Your Own Use (NO JAILBREAK!)

If you are an iOS users, then you might already know that it is much more expensive than android. It is because most of the apps on iOS / iTunes is a paid app. Even if it isn’t paid, you still need to see an ads or even paid a monthly subscription like Spotify or any other app. So what can you do to enjoy an app? Well, you could download the tweaked app.

Installing a tweaked app is not the same as jailbreaking a phone. Jailbreaking will make your guaranty void and then you will mostly bricked your phone. Installing a tweaked app means that you will install an app that is the same as the app that you want to install, with a lil tweaked.

It is not necessarily the same app anymore, for example you could save the picture and video in Instagram or you could even hear Spotify without the ads and many more. So without further ado, here is the app. It is called AppValley Beta!

The app valley beta is a lot like iTunes store. It will let you select, a bunch of different tweaked apps that has different usage.

Important : You should read the description first before downloading.

How to install :

1. On your phone, open

2. Your phone will automatically download the app after you click the install AppValley.

3. Exit your browser and go back to home screen. You will see the appvalley is being installed and if you try to launch the app then you will be inform that the installation is not trusted yet.

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4. Launch setting and then locate the profile and device management. Find the appvalley app and then click the trusted. Confirm and then launch the app.

AppValley BetaFree Paid Tweaked iOS app
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