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Dream Hospital – Hospital Simulation Game like Theme Hospital

Dream Hospital – Hospital Simulation Game like Theme Hospital

If you are a 90s/20s kids then you might have known that there is a great game called Theme Hospital. Theme Hospital is a hospital simulation game, in which you manage a hospital. You will need to manage your doctor, your reception, your nurse, handyman and the most important your patients. It is a pretty popular game in the 90s and now a same type of game has been made to your smartphone. The game is called “Dream Hospital“.


Welcome Doctor!
Do you have what it takes to build and run your very own hospital? Put your skills to the test in this awesome hospital sim game!
Dream hospital is a hospital builder – medical center simulator game that puts you in the shoes of a hospital administrator.

Dream Hospital is a hospital simulation game in which you will be building and running your own hospital. Diagnose your patient, and then give them a medicine / a treatment depending on their sickness. You can hire or fire your doctor, nurse, and handyman / cleaning service depending on your own needs.

Besides diagnosing, you could also provide your patient with medicine. However you need to prepare it first. The downside of the game is that each time you do something, you need to wait some time to finish it. You can speed it up of course, however you need to pay some diamond to do it and sadly the diamond can only be bought with a real money.

Apart from all of that. The game is honestly entertaining. It is like playing theme hospital with a much more better quality.

So? Are you interested in playing the game? Well, if you want to try, please click on the link below to download!

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Dream Hospital - Hospital Simulation Game (Free (In App Purchase))