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Dragon Hills 2 – Help The Princess to Save The Humanity!

Dragon Hills 2 – Help The Princess to Save The Humanity!

If a game have had its sequel then you know that the game will be good. There are tons of games that have already had its sequel, like Temple Run, Candy Crush, Garden Scapes and many more. The sequel of the game usually gives the same gameplay but with more feature that you can use or exploit. Another game that is popular besides those that i have mention is Dragon Hills.

Dragon Hills is about a princess in a medieval story timeline trapped in a castle. Her desire is revenge and she will get it with the dragon on her command. Well, The game actually has a sequel which is Dragon Hills 2 and here is the review. Check it out!


Here we go again! Meet our fearless girl, a few years later!

Zombies! …Where??? …Dragons!…What???
Cowboys, armored mechs and spaceships! Why?!
So many questions… No time for answers now, guys. The zombie apocalypse is already here! Hurry up! Hop on your machine dragon and fight to save humanity!

Slide down the hills jumping into and out of the ground, crashing and destroying everything on your way in this action-packed adventure.
Discover thrilling and magical lands filled with zombies, giants, dragons and tons of surprises.

Dragon Hills 2 adapt the zombie apocalypse setting. You goal right now is to fight the zombies and to know what is the cause. You are a scientist, with an amazing machine dragon. In the Dragon Hills 1 you can breath fire and do bunch of magic, like freezing the area however in Dragon Hills 2 you can shoot bullets and change your machine dragons form into a much cooler dragons.

The gameplay is the same. Your goal is to survive as long as you can, while collecting coins and brains from the zombies. There are tons of obstacles that will damage you and prevent you to survive. However you can dig your way out of them. Apart from that, you will also get into a boss fight, which is pretty challenging.

Are you interested in playing the game? Well, if you are then click on the link below to download it!

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