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War Wing Review – An Epic 4 vs 4 Pilot Fighter Game

War Wing Review – An Epic 4 vs 4 Pilot Fighter Game

Being a pilot, flying high through the sky probably is one of the most envious job on the world. Of course, there are some risk, but don’t you think that every great job has their own risk?

How about being a fighter pilot? Flying through the air, dodging the bullet, defending your country. In this day, this age you don’t need to be one to enjoy the sensation. You can do so by playing a game about it and here we will give you a review about a game called War Wing which is a fighter pilot game.


Take to the skies and join the battle in epic WWII dogfights! Climb into the cockpit of your fully customizable warplane and get ready for take-off – your mission is about to begin!

Be an ace pilot! Fly solo as a lone wolf or team up with your squadron to control the skies. Pull off gravity-defying stunts and tricks, get the enemy in your sights and hit the trigger to shoot them down. It’s life or death up there, and only the bravest and most skilled pilots will survive!

War Wings lets you fly into the heat of the action in multiplayer PVP dogfights. Compete against millions of players worldwide, destroy enemy squadrons and climb the global leaderboards. Show the world that you own the skies!

You are a pilot that is going on a mission to eliminate your enemies. You will be going on your plane to shoot down the enemies with your teams. Flank your enemies to kill them without them knowing.

Help your team mates that is being shot down and dodge the bullets by using your awesome maneuver skill. However be careful because if you die too much, you will drag your team down.

Upgrade your plane to increase your combat survive ability. Focus on speed and maneuver to dodge the bullets, don’t forget increase power to increase your damage and health to tank more damage. Each ability will help you in the game.

So? Are you interested in downloading the game? Well, if you are then click on the link below!

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War wing (Free (In App Purchase))