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3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes Review – The Super Boom Game!

Bomberman is a strategic maze-based video game franchise that originally developed by Hudson Soft and currently owned by Konami. It is one of the most popular game on the 20s and almost everybody have it.

If you are a 20s kids and wanted to have a bit of nostalgia then you should download an android game called 3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes.


At planet 17 which lies 100 billion light-years away, Jackbomb along with his family and friends are having beautiful days.

One day the planet suddenly was invaded by Haha demon. Attempting to take over the planet 17 as a springboard to attack Earth.

Haha demon and his army invaded and blockaded the planet to create weapons of mass destruction. Not only detaining people here, Haha also exploits the planet’s fragments to produce weapons. The life of the planet 17 is being threatened by the hour. Can’t stand by looking at Haha destroy the planet 17, Jackbomb and his friends together revolted against HaHa and his accomplices.

This game, Bomber Heroes is a 3D bomberman game. Like any other bomberman games, you will use a bomb to kill your enemies.

There are tons of power up from, time bomb, invisible bomb, step on bomb and many more. Apart from that, you could also change your character. Each character has their own skills, for example iron man can flies, wolverine can destroy any obstacle and become invisible for some time.

Jackbomb, Hutoro, Wolvero, Hiron, Herocap, Rohuc – 6 people with their own characteristic but have the same goal and desire. Can they be the Heroes of planet 17 with their steady heart and united strength? Come to the world of Bomber Heroes to witness the battle between good and evil, between Super Heroes and cruel evils.

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Get Bomber Heroes: Bomberman Game to become one of Super Heroes in planet 17. You will be marveled at the beauty of planet 17. Become the strongest Super Hero and protect this planet from cruel evils. You can enjoy the bomb fight not only in bomber friends and other classic bomb game but also in this game.

It is a new type of bomber friends and an excellent Super Heroes action game for your smartphone. After finishing the game, you could also play in a competitive game with your friends.

Are you interested in playing this game? If you are, then click on the link below!

App Rating : 3D Bomberman: Bomber Heroes - Super Boom Game (Free (In App Purchase))
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