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Re:Monster Game Review – Interesting RPG Games with A Nice Concept

Re:Monster Game Review – Interesting RPG Games with A Nice Concept

If you are a Japanese fans, you might have already know about the manga called Re:Monster. Re:monster is a manga about a guy that die and reincarnated to other worlds. He got the power of absorption which grant him the ability to take any skills that a monster or a person have. It is a pretty popular Japanese manga and light novel that it even had its own games called Re:Monster.


An original novel printed about 550,000 copies has become a fantastic game!

◆Rebirth as Goblin!?
You wake up after death, you become a goblin….
The weakest Goblin will try to conquest the world!
You hunt enemy and eat them. As eating, you get stronger!

◆Real-time Tower Defense type game
Enemies attack your team from everywhere.
You should protect the weakest Goblin with unique crews.

◆Ability will affect the course of the war
You get abilities by eating enemies and material
Combinations of crews and ability are key factor of the war.
Combined ability will great help of your battle!

In Re:monster, you will start as a goblin, which is the weakest species. Although they are weak, they have plenty of potential.

This game uses the concept of evolving. If you have reach a certain level and condition then you can evolve. You could become an ogre, an orc, a vampire, a healer, a lord, and many more. It is all depend on your choice.

Besides that, to grow more powerful as a monster, you will be able to buff your monster squad with a good equipment, a sword, axe, and many other. You can make the equipment in your base after reaching lvl 2 in your mercenary lvl. Besides that, you can also summon a monster and other character to aid you in your mission. So be sure to save up that diamond.

Are you interested in playing? Well, you should click on the link below to download.

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Re:Monster (Free (In App Purchase))
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