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War Wing Tips and Tricks – How to Dodge The Bullet Easily!

War Wing tips and tricks – How to dodge the bullet easily and many more

Based on the epic game called War Wing, if you haven’t seen the review or wanted to download the game then click on the link here (War Wing Review – An Epic 4 vs 4 Pilot Fighter Game).

Anyway, as a fan of the game, i will tell you. In this game, you had been targeted by a pilot. It might almost be impossible to evade them, or at least until your teammates save you or you die. So, what you can do is trying hard to evade those bullets. Well, before there are 3 things that you can do.

1. Stall them until your team mates can saves you

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This is probably your best choices to get dodge the bullets. It is to wait for your team mates to saves you. When you yourself get targeted by the enemies. You will automatically gives an SOS signal to your friends. If your friends understand that then they will saves you.

However if your friends is new to the game then adios to you mates.

This plan is more suited for the plane that had the highest health.

2. Get out of their firing range


This is probably the hardest that you can do. In short, each planes has their own firing range. It can be 500, 450, or more. So, in short you need to get out of their range. So? What can you do?

Well, you need to utilize the lock airplane buttons that is available on top of the fire button. With it, you can lock on any airplanes that is in the shortest range from you for you to attack, but another thing that you can do with it is that you can find who is shooting you at the time.

After that, be sure to use your maneuver skills by swiping your screen to the left or to the right. Another thing that you need to watch out for is where to run, after finding your opponent position, you must go to the opposite way while evading.

This Plan is more suited for the plane that had the highest speed and maneuverability.

3. Try to find and attack them.


This is the last tips that you can use to evade the bullet which is to find and then kill the opponents. It is easier said than done however.

In short, you need to find where your opponent is, by using the lock airplane button. After that, find them and then kill them.

However you need to watch out for the bullets. It is because they know where you are, and they have the upper ground. So, use your maneuver ability to dodge and then kill them. If you opponent is behind you, swipe your screen up or down to make your plane turn around in air. You will be able to see them easier.

This plan is more suited to plane with high health / a balance plane.