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Portable Dungeon 2 – A Mini Multi Player Dungeon Game

A game can always be played whenever you can and you relieve some stressed. One of the most popular game genre is RPG game. In it, you will control another character and go on an adventure with it. Today, we will give you a review about a RPG game called Portable Dungeon 2 which is a sequel for Portable Dungeon 1.


The game is set in the world devoured by the Dark Lord. In order to save the world, you will gather various mighty heroes to challenge the evil power. Demons live in the dungeon with countless unknown dangers and fortunes.

To find the entrances toward deeper lever of dungeon, you have to lead your hero team to fight against fierce monsters and looking for the powerful runes and gears. At the same time, upgrading your heroes’ abilities and skills is important for you to defeater more brutal enemies.

Portable Dungeon is a lot like Gumball Dungeon, without the tiles (If you didn’t know what gumball and dungeon is, then you can see the review here. The game use a turn based system, which mean that every time you attack, move, or use a spells, the other monster will also do something, from either attack, move and use spells.

In the game, after you finish some of the stages, you will be able to unlock some of the feature like, shops, storage upgrades, mercenary, item shops and many more. You can also replay the dungeon in a hard mode, of course with more drop rate and more honour that you can use to upgrade your character stats.

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This game can also be played multiplayer, if you want to. You can help your friends and be able to play with them. So? Are you interested in playing the game? Well, if you are then click on the link below! Thank you.

App Rating : Portable Dungeon 2 (Free (In App Purchases))
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