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OneGun: Stick Man Game Review – Shoot and Kill All The Evil Creatures!

OneGun: Stick Man Game Review – Shoot and Kill All The Evil Creatures!

There are many indies games in Google Play Store that didn’t get recognize by many others even though they have made a good game. So, here we will give you one of the best indies game called One Gun: Stickman.


Stickman? Yes, Stickman! Excellent cannons and mountains of monsters, through which you will have to break through to achieve the cherished goal! In general, this is an ordinary RPG, but how is it done! Uhh, already captures the spirit.

Well, maybe not the first time, but you can not sleep at night until you pass it and you do not know what at the end of this trip on interesting lands and locations. By the way, there is no plot in the game, but it will appear if you can play long enough!

In any case, which of us does not like to shoot and douse a dozen evil creatures? The game has 60 levels or so. And to pass them you need to sweat. The explosions, shooting, guns. You can also find spinners and gyro-paceters, which are likely to become invincible. The truth is not forever.

The game OneGun: Stickman is a lot like tower defense game, where you use your gun to kill bunch of different monster that target you. You will need to use your gun to target the enemies and then kill them.

The game has no tutorial and it can be a lil hard to understand it at first. So in short, there are 2 currency in the games which is a gold and hash. With gold, you can use to buy, upgrade, and train your stickman. And with hash, it is a material for upgrading your weapon. You can acquire both in the mine or in the dungeon killing the enemies.

You see, in this game, there are 3 dungeon that you can go. The first one which is battle that you can use to advance in the game, the second one is the map that you can use to acquire bunch of gold per minutes, skills, and upgrades, and the last ones is hell.

In the hell stages, you will be able to defeat bunch of enemies from the starts of the game til the end. You can acquire tons of gold and equipment in this stages, but you will need to replay all of the level from the start, which is a hassle.

So? Are you interested in the game? Well, if you are then you can download it in the link below!

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