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Slime King Tower – An Unique Android Dungeon Crawler Game

Have you ever played Binding of Isaac? If you haven’t then you might want to check it out because the game is hella good. You could check the game out in steam for PC. Steam: Binding IsaacThis game, Binding Isaac, use the concept of Rogue Like Dungeon Crawler type of game. You will go on an adventure in a randomly generated dungeon. Each stages has their own boss room that you need to kill to beat the game.

Today, we will give you a game review about a game that is pretty similar to the “Binding of Isaac”. The game’s name is Slime King Tower.


Are you looking for the ultimate adventure game that offers you incredible gameplay and a stellar soundtrack? Welcome to The Slimeking’s Tower, an amazing, action packed game that allows you to explore a massive set of dungeons with one single goal, and that is to get rid of all slime that comes in your way.

The Slime King Tower is an action Dungeon RPG crawler game, that can be play for free. The game goal’s is to beat the King of The Slime that resides in the Slime King Tower. The Slime King Tower is full of the Slime King’s Minion, which is a slime.

There are tons of slime varieties that can be found in the game, from fire breathing slime, a healer slime, to a single cell slime. Everything can be found in the tower and your job is to beat them all and get out of the tower safely. However, it is easier said then down.

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In the tower, you will find many rooms. Each room has their own monster in it and you need to beat them all to continue. There are also types of rooms that can be found in the game like mini boss room, boss room, treasure chest room, item shops room, random items, debuff room and many more. It is pretty fun to search and to hunt for different type of room that even you yourself didn’t know of.

The game also use level system. Each time you level up, you will increase some of your stats, health, damage, range, and fire rate. Besides level up, you can also increase your stats by using bunch of power up items that can be found after you beat a boss, in the key room and buying them in the item shops. Of course there are other methods that you can use to increase your stats, but you need to find it yourself. It is one of the unique aspect of the game.

So? Are you interested in playing the game? If you are then please click on the link below.

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