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Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls Game Review

Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls Game Review

A true gamer know what is the best games. It is a combination of a good game play and a good story. However there isn’t that many good game with a good story. Well, there is one, downloaded by 10 thousand more people and got a 4.9 star rating, a game called Hungry Hearts Diner will sooth your soul and warm your hearts with its good story.


Hungry Hearts Diner is a game about a small shop at the edge of a big city. Take on the role of the hard-working old lady struggling to manage her family’s little restaurant—and all by her lonesome, too!

Cook tasty meals for a variety of colorful characters, and learn more about their triumphs and struggles as they chow down on your tasty, home-cooked food. Rice balls, dumplings, tempura…you can make it all!

In fact, the more you cook, the more dishes you’ll unlock. And hey, you’ll even get a chance to learn about good ol’ fashioned Japanese cuisine while you’re at it! Did you know you can make jelly out of seaweed? Because I didn’t!

Of course, the people who visit your diner all have a story to tell. And what makes people more talkative than a full belly? Feed your customers until they feel like sitting back and spinning you a yarn or two!

Hungry Hearts Diner, is an Idle Restaurant game. You will be helping a confused granny trying to help her ill husband in the diner. While running the dinner, she will encounter many people with their own life problem.

Each person has their own stories to tell, but not every story has a happy ending. Begin a journey by helping the old lady get by managing the restaurant, cook different type of dish that can fill up your customer belly and listen to their sad encouraging story.

Are you interested in playing? Well, if you are then please click on the link below to download it. Thanks.

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