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Mobile Battleground Blitz – A Spin Off of The Great Mobile Legend

Mobile Battleground Blitz – A Spin Off of The Great Mobile Legend

A spin off of Mobile legends called Mobile Battleground Blitz is up you guys, and you can download it in the APK Pure: Here.


Mobile Battleground – Blitz is a new-concept MOBA.
More fun shooting controls than traditional MOBAs and just 3 min per match. No farming or jungling necessary. Just team fights from the start.

Mobile Battleground Blitz is a simple eSport game with a more thrilling team fight experience. It is pretty face paced because there are no jungling nor farming nor items build in the game, so it depends on either your character level and your skills to win the game. The game is fast paced with 3 – 5 minutes per game.

Mobile Battleground poster

Source: apkPure

Like any other MOBA game, you will first needs to buy the heroes that you wanted to, before you are able to use them. There are also some Mobile legend character like Layla, Johnsons, Alpha, Moscov and Franco. The game has a great graphic quality, however it can be a bit laggy for lower end phone, so be sure to set your game quality in Low.

Mobile Battleground screenshot 1

Source : ApkPure

This game has 2 game mode at the moment, which is energy crystal mode where you and your team will steal a full 10 energy crystals from its spawner to start the victory countdown, and the Ancient idol, which is the defend the location type of mode where there you and your opponent will occupy the idol and it will begin laying waste to your enemy base.

So? Are you interested in downloading this game. Well, if you are, then please download it here!

APK Pure : Here.