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5 Easy Tips and Tricks on Mobile Battlefield Blitz – How to Win The Game!

Easy Tips and Tricks on Mobile Battlefield Blitz – How to Win The Game!

Based on the recent game review, Mobile Battlefield: Blitz, now we are going to give you a simple tips and tricks that you can use or utilize to win the game. Check them out!

1. Level is everything in this game

Although the game didn’t have farming or item, your character / your heroes has their own level system. Each time you level your character/heroes, they will get an increase in their status, from health, defense and attack power + their passive which is called talent in the game.

The talents is what matter the most in the game, there are talent for life steal, boost in movement speed and many more. So be sure to level up your most used character.

2. Bush!

You might already know this, but you can use bush to hide from your enemies. Besides hiding, you can also use it to ambush your enemies, flank them so that they won’t have a time to react to your attack.

3. Heroes!

Try to pick different heroes in different type of arena. For example, in energy crystal mode, try to use either Layla, Tina, Alpha or Jin to maximize your damage and after killing your enemies, you can then collect the crystal.

However in Ancient idol game mode, try to pick tanker / heroes that have a lot of health like Moscov or Franco.

4. Aim

Some of the reason why people tend to lose in the game is that, they often just click the attack / shot button without aiming it first. Although the game has auto aim, it isn’t accurate. Remember that your opponent is also a human, they can also shot while moving.

So be sure to aim first before shooting. Another thing that you need to watch to is that, your ammo is limited, and you need to reload for a while before you are able to shoot again. So by aiming, you will at least not waste your ammo for meaningless thing.

5. First skill?

Each character has their own first skill that they can utilize. The first skill is usually a skill to either chase or dodge the enemies bullet with a low cooldown (10s max).

Try to utilize the skills before using it aimlessly. Sure you can use it to go to the area faster, but if you die in the process, what is the use. So try to think first before using it.