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Beta Games – Castle Creep Battle Review: Burn Your Enemies Castle!

Since the release of mobile tower rush game called Clash Royale by the famous company, Supercell. The mobile tower rush genre suddenly blow up. Nowadays, the mobile game developer rush to make the same genre.

As of now, we will review one of those game. The game that we are going to reviewed is still unreleased but it can be played. The game is called Castle Creep Battle.

Choose your Champion, build your deck and join the fight as you clash with opponents in Castle Creeps Battle, the PvP arena experience you’ve been waiting for. Download for free today and let the games begin…

Castle Creeps Battle is a PvP action game that lets you duel cunning foes in real time! Choose your Hero, build your deck and enter the arena. Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring familiar Castle Creeps minions, spells and Towers. Destroy your opponent’s defenses and defeat their Hero to win Honor, Coins and glory!
Dare to risk everything in a high-stakes battle or will you take it slowly and build your way to become the Champion of the arena! Victory is within your reach!

The Castle Creep Battle is a mobile tower rush game that is a lot like Clash Royale. I say a lot like because there are some aspect that is different in the game. It is not just its heroes and minions but in its gameplay.

In Castle Creep, you will be using bunch of cards that you can use in the game. Each cards can be summon in the game in exchange for some elixer (pretty similar to clash royale right?). Well, the thing is, your heroes / your king has their own spell that can be used to kill your enemies, from throwing fireball to boomerang. They can do it all!

Aside from those, there aren’t that many big difference in both game. They both used the chest system, the quest system, and real time battle – ing. However, if you are bored with Clash Royale, wanted to play the same game, but didn’t want the same feel then this game, Castle Creep is just for you.

So? Are you interested? Well, if you do then you can do it by clicking the link below to download and install it.

Note: Remember that the game is still in development, so be sure to report if you got some bug in the game. Thank you for helping the developer. 🙂

App Rating : Castle Creeps Battle (Unreleased) (Free (In App Purchase))

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