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Sacrifice Game Review – Play God by Rule and Guide Your Villager!

Sacrifice Game Review – Play God by Rule and Guide Your Villager!

Playing god is something that we haven’t done in our life. Sometimes, we want to have a control over something or someone. If you do have that kind of tendencies then playing a game called Sacrifice will sate your desire.



Rule and guide a meso american village through the vicissitudes of everyday life in the heart of a ruthless jungle. Manage a cute rural village, be the heartless divinity you always intended to be and suffer our debatable humor in this god-game-meets-town-sim.

Decide who is worthy of your tremendous powers, earn the faith of your followers, and gift them with divine knowledge to rebuild the great city that is now in ruins.

Welcome to a world where you live only through the faith of your followers! Keep them in line, but be careful, as they could lose faith and you may very well be just another forgotten god…

Sacrifice is a game of god, where you take care of your own villager. Your villager will in turn build your village and give you more faith that you can use to make miracle. You will need to collect many resource to sustain your villager life. From wood, food and medicine / hygine so that your villager will live.

The thing is that you will always be up to something with your villager. They will suddenly got some unknown sickness, or suddenly they got something going on to their life and they break their foot or something.

Either way, you will use your miracle to  make their life better. Sometimes there will also be some cannibals that will eat and kill your villager, and for some stupid reason your villager can’t even stand up for themselves and it is your job to kill or punish the cannibals.

In the end though, you can always kill them after they are being too lazy by sacrificing them. In return you will be getting something called idols that will give you bunch of items and resource, a large amount of faith, and some sacrifice point that you can use to improve your village condition.

So? Are you interested in downloading the game? Well, if you do then please click on the link below to play it!

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