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Thrones: Kingdom of Humans Game Review – Where Your Choice Matters!

Have you ever played a card game where every choice that you make will affect your story line? Well, if you are searching for that kind of game, then there is a game called Thrones: Kingdom of Human.



Riseth to the throne, Majesty!

The fair kingdom of Concordia is now yours to rule, and the interests of humans, elves and dwarves are your royal responsibilities. Make hard decisions like a veritable monarch and strive for utmost cunning to stay in power!

The future of all the land is in your kingly hands now!

In Thrones, you will be playing as a king that rule 3 race. Human, Elf and Dwarf. Your job is to manage their interest and needs of the 3 race. You better balance them all, don’t make a decision that will give the other race advantages, or the other race will mutiny or oppose your government.

In the game, each race has their own happy / respect bar. Each choice that you make, will affect them. For example, in one case the humans needs money, if you say yes to that decision, the human respect bar will go up but the other race will go down, but if you say no then the human race bar will go down while the other will stay the same. So, think hard and calm while making a choice.

Are you interested in downloading and playing the game? Well, if you do then you could click on the link below! Thanks and have a nice day!

App Rating : Thrones: Kingdom of Humans (Free (In App Ads))

Card GameThrones: Kingdom of Humans Game Review
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