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Alpha Beta Game Review – An Alphabet Game to Relieve Your Childhood Memories!

Everybody know how to spell alphabets, but if you wanted to relieve your childhood memories while having fun then playing a game called Alpha-Beta will be so enjoyable.



111% New arcade game “Alpha-Beta” !!!
Defeat the terrifying enemies with the Alphabet swarm!
Create your own swarm with powerful heroes.
Collect all alphabets in the dictionary and meet a special character!
Rescue the alphabet in the jail, you can lead the larger swarm
This is a simple, addictive arcade and action game.

Alpha-Beta is a simple game but very addictive. There isn’t any mission in this game at all other than achieving a higher score than your previous run. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the game is boring. It is a very great game and it is very challenging. I think this game is very easy to play but hard to master.

You will be moving an army of Alphabets to killing the enemies around you and then acquiring points. It is pretty interesting to see what kind of power each alphabets hold.

A is a number that holds no power at all, they just swing their swords everywhere to kill the enemies. D is a devil that can attack and tank more damage. F is a fire wizard that can kill your enemies with fire. It is pretty interesting right?

If you interested in playing, you could download on the link below! Have a nice day!

App Rating : Alpha-Beta (Free (In App Ads))

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