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Mobile Legend Hero Guide – Angela: Support Combine!

Mobile legends is one of the best mobile MOBA game on google play store. The game is very popular and it is updated regularly to satisfy their player. The newest update of the game in Advance server is the support Hero called Angela.

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Passive: Smart Heart.
with every skill use, she will increase her movement speed by 10% up to 30% for 3 seconds

1st Skill : Love Waves.
Launches love energy in designated direction, dealing 200+ Magical Damage and adding a lover marks. Each stack of Lover mark increase damage taken by 10% and reduces movement speed by 15%. lasts for 4s and can be stacked up to 5 times. It can also restores 100 + HP to friendly targets. Up to 5 charges can be stored.

2nd Skill : Puppet -on – a – String.
Launches a puppet string at the specified target dealing 300+ Magical damage. if the target is still connected to the string after 3s. They will be stunned for 2s and takes 450 + Magical damage. Each Lover mark increase the final damage by 20%.

3rd Skill : HeartGuard.
Angela gather energy to generate shield for a friendly target. absorbing 1200+ damage for 3s. After a period of time, she becomes attached to the friendly target for 12s. If you use this skill again, or if the friendly target dies. This effect will be cancelled.

How to play :

Angela is a support fighter heroes. It got damages, heal, stun and can even shield her allies by using its skills. It is a multi performance heroes that can do anything. There are plenty of ways to play as Angela for example:

1. Support Angela : Your Build is maximize on Cool down reduction and Magic Attack power.

Enchanted Talisman is a must to have in this built as it will give you a 20% cool down reduction and the passive mana regen is awesome.
Necklace of Durance with it you will gain another 300+ HP , 5% CD Reduction, but the main reason to take it is because of it’s passive, if you manage to do a damage dealing skill to the enemies, your enemies regen wil reduced by 50% for 3s which can help the team so much if the other team also has Estes, Rafaela, or Angela.
Wizard Boots is another item that you must get as a support. The passive skill will give you additional 80+ gold when you managed to get an assist
Calamity Reaper is also an item to get, it is to add the 10% CD reduction for Angela and the passive skill will give her more damage.
Ice Queen Wand with this item, your skill will slow down the enemy heroes plus you will be able to gain a boost in movement speed that will in turn help you escape enemy’s gank. Plus your passive can also help you get additional boost in movement speed
Immortality to help you survive in the late game.

Being a support Angela means that you will always need to be with your friends or allies. You also needs to maintain a certain distance from the enemies heroes while dealing some simple damage to the enemies heroes. the Calamity Reaper Passive, will help you in clearing the enemies minion. You can also run if you are ganked by the enemies heroes by using her ultimate skills, or simply by running, but remember to spam your first skill while running to activate your passive skill bonuses and Ice Queen Wand passive slow.

In a team fight, angela can do the most because she can damage the enemies while healing at the same time + stunning. Of course added with a good item, it can also slow down your enemies movement speed and your enemies health regen because of the Necklace of Durance passive item. In this build you don’t need to kill the enemies, just a simple support is sufficient, because of the Wizard Boots passive that will give you additional 80+ gold each time you manage to get an assist.

Spell : Flicker, Arrival

2. Killer Angela : Your Build is maximize on attack power, attack speed and critical.

Before starting the killer Angela recommended item. Have you ever seen a killer estes, or rafaela that uses a marksman build? Well, the Killer angela use the same concept as those 2. Angela has a skills that can immobilize your enemies heroes which will benefits her in 1 on 1 fight with another marksman, she can also chase the enemies because of her passive ability that increase her movement. Another thing is the ultimate that enable her to help the enemies heroes whenever you wanted to.

Swift Boots : To maximize your angela Attack speed
Berseker Fury : Added critical damage to angela so that she can kill the enemies faster and easier
Windtalker : with windtalker, you will be able to run from any heroes (Of course combine with her passive). Windtalker also added additional critical rate and attack speed that will help you significantly in battle
Rose Gold Meteor : to increase your survive ability and durability, while giving a boost in physical attack, and lifesteal
Thunder Belt : it will give you additional health, mana, armor, and magic power, plus because of her first skill can be stacked again and again. The thunder belt passive can be used again and again if you timed it right. It will give you a chance to slow down the enemies team to kill them
Blade of Despair : increase your damage, to easily kill the enemy

Playing as Killer angela is easy, you just need to apply the concept of marksman to angela. Farm again and again and again until you are buffed with your items. Try to put half of your attention on your map. If you friends is fighting the enemy, use your ultimate to help them and then teleport to where they are. Run if you are ganked by using your ultimate or simply just by running.

Spell : Retribution, Flicker, Arrival.

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