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Dice Mancer Game Review – Unique Combination of RPG Games and A Board Game

Dice Mancer Game Review – Unique Combination of RPG Games and A Board Game



Discover the rush of savagely defeating your opponent by navigating your hero across the board using strategy, quick thinking, and a bit of good fortune! Face a carefully scripted series of challenges to test your wits, then take your newfound skills online. Quick matchmaking and fast games make this the perfect game to play for a few minutes on the bus – but you’ll want to keep playing for hours!

You’ll choose a hero with unique skills, and a special starting tile for each board you play on. As you face your rivals, you’ll also be gaining experience, fighting monsters, and using new items during each match. Reap the rewards and collect loot from each game that help improve your odds in battle;

Use it towards customizing your next match with unique bases, skill, and hero cards. This makes each round feel like it’s own miniature RPG story, from start to finish.

Face your friends and find new rivals in this fresh and new take on one of the most iconic board games of all.


Dice Mancer is unlike any other dice board games. It is a combination of RPG games and a board game. It use the concept of attacking + skill and apply it to the usual board game. The game rules is also different with any other dice board game.

The game used cards as its dice. In each of your turn, you will get one cards that will represent a number of dice, from 1 – 6, odd or even, high or low, and lastly random. You will use a card to move in this game, according to the numbers or what card you used. In the game, you will be choosing a character heroes that has a HP (Health Point), AP (Attack Point) and skills. You will win the game if you manage to attack your opponent / enemies until their health gone 0.


Anyway, in the boards there will be your start which is your base (each time you pass it you will level up, increasing your Health by 3, Attack Point by 1 and Skills Point), 2 Gate (if you manage to step on one gate, you will move to other gate), bunch of monster (If you step in on them, you will be attacking them, based on the number of dice that you roll.

If you managed to win the hunt, you will be gaining an experience to increase your skill and +1 Attack point), bunch of random traps, items, spell books and a shops.

It is very easy to understand the game but it is very hard to master. The game has a good concept and it is pretty fun to see what kind of moves the other player will do.

So? are you interested in downloading and playing the game? Well, if you are then please click on the link below!

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