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Insighty App Review – Download and Stalk Your Instagram Friends!

Everybody has their own reason to stalk their friends, so what is yours? Well, whatever the reason is, you need a place to stalk others. One of the easiest place to stalk is on Instagram.

You can see what they do, whose picture they like and many more. This is easier to do when you have an app that is built for it. Well, i have a good news! There is an app called Insighty can be used for stalking your friends on Instagram.



Insighty, the most popular application for Instagram stalking. ?

If you want to spy your friends activity, this is the only application for you!
If you want to be informed when your friends likes a post, comments on somebody else photo or start following anyone, just login with your Instagram account and enjoy your stalking!

Insightly is one of the top app on google play that is rated 3.5 stars and have been downloaded by more than 500 thousand people on Google Play. It is usually use to stalk your friends feed, what he is doing on Instagram, what kind of picture did she / he likes, what kind of comment did he make and others.

The app also lets you see the statistic of his Instagram feeds, from who comment his / her Instagram feeds, who tags the most, who liked more, top 10 friends, most active days and his / her most active hours. Nothing will escape your grasp.

Just use the app and it will notify every single thing that your “friends” do. So? What are you waiting for, download the app below and stalk them now!

App Rating : Insighty - Stalking And Spying App for Instagram (Free (In App Ads))

Insighty App ReviewInstagram StalkingStalk Your Instagram "friends"
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