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Orbita AI – Unique Puzzle Game that Makes You Think Outside The Box!

Meet Orbita, an AI with a passion for puzzles. Orbita opens a new world of mobile brain teasers, making you use your phone’s built-in hardware features in ever more inventive ways. Orbita will be your host as you solve puzzles without ever touching your screen. Gameplay is relaxed and reflective, but don’t underestimate the challenges.

For some orbita AI puzzle answer : here!

Orbita AI features 40 challenges that will have you scratching your head. If you’re stumped, you can buy coins or use those obtained through gameplay to get a hint from your witty robot host. How you tackle these challenges is up to you.


In this game, you are force to think outside the box. It means that you won’t solve the puzzle in the usual way. From turning on your screen brightness, tilting it, blowing, and many more. It is new, and unique. It even told you that you don’t need to tap your screen to solve the puzzle.


The game is good of course. However, it is not for me, because it makes my head hurts so much trying to solve the puzzle. The game explanation is not clear and because of that you don’t know what you can do and what you can’t do. This game really depends on who’s playing this, since it requires one to think outside the box. Which common people aren’t used to. A proper tutorial will probably make this game better.

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If you are up to the challenge then you could download it in the link below!

App Rating : Orbita AI (Free (In App Purchase))
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