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Some of The Answer to Solve The Orbita AI Puzzle!

Some of The Answer to Solve The Orbita AI Puzzle!

Based on the game review called Orbita AI, here we are going to give you some of the answer to solve some of the puzzle on Orbita AI, check them out!


You can unlocked the second screen only if you had solve 2 red puzzle.


In this puzzle, you will need to tilt your phone to the left, right, up and down. You will also need to stabilize your phone in the middle to finish the puzzle in the middle, do the same backwards.


Turn your screen brightness on and off to solve the puzzle


Adjust your screen brightness to match the bubble to solve the puzzle.


This one is crucial, because this red one. If you can unlock 2, you will be able to unlock a new puzzle which will give you more headache. Well, I don’t know how i solve the second puzzle, but the first one is, you only need to put on your headset for it to be solve. The other one as you can see. I haven’t solve it

Answer by Julian Jacobs : 

“the red puzzle where you plug in your headset. volume down to solve the remaining 2”
(Thank you!)
After solving all of the puzzle. you will then unlocked the second map.

This one can only be unlocked after you have solve 2 red puzzle.


This is a sound based one. For the first one, you need to really be silent for 3 second. The second one is for you to make some noise to a certain degree, and the third one is for you to shout your lungs out. I find it easier to shout at your headset / headphone microphone.


This one is easy, take a screenshot to solve it.


Turn on you airplane mode to solve the puzzle.


Turn on and off your wifi to solve the puzzle.


This one…. is a bit peculiar. You can only solve this puzzle if you can make the ball jump to it. It got a light sensor, and for it to jump, you will need to go to a dark room and then slowly go to a place with lights. It sound stupid, but that works for me.

Answer by Julian Jacobs :
“for the light sensitive one, I covered my phone’s light sensor for like 3 seconds and then released and it worked like a spring”

(Thank you)


Answer by Drew Smith :
1st ball : “you first have to aim your back camera at the sun.”

Answer by Jamie Jay :
2nd Ball : ” front camera at the sun for the second one lol”

(Thank you for both of you)


You need to turn on your Bluetooth

Answer by Drew Smith :
“Theres another blue one with big bluetooth symbols behind it, meaning you have to toggle bluetooth. ”

(Thank you)


This one although i haven’t finished it yet.  It is like a clock, depending on what time you opened this puzzle you will be able to solve it.

Answer by Drew Smith :
“theres an orange one with 2 circles where you have to go to that puzzle at every hour of the day. It shows you all the times you have done it, and the most preferred way to do it is by going to your settings and changing the time to get them all.”

Answer by Imogen Young :
“The orange one with the clock and the two circles: the inner circle is after 12pm and the outer circle is after 12am”

(Thank you)


Just say “Orbita AI” to your phone

Answer by Anne Nieuwkoop :
“on the right puzzle, the pink one you need to say the name of the game”

(Thank you)


The lowest ball is to have your phone battery bar at 5%

The middle one is to have your phone on charging

The top one is to have your phone battery bar full

Answer by Hector Rodriguez :
The last one is have the battery criticaly low, 5% or less”

Answer by Anne Nieuwkoop :
“With the tree neon green circles you need to charge your phone and have your phone on 100%. the last one i dont know jet.”

(Thank you both of you)


You need to open this puzzle in 15th or 30th, depending on the month. It is basically the moon, where 30 is the full moon and 15 is the new moon.


Answer by Thijs van der Heijden :
” On the level with the pyramid kinda thing, you need to lay your phone on a flat surface and then slowly spin it in a direction ”

 (Thank you)


Answer by Anne Nieuwkoop:
the single red one where the blue line is going counter clockwise: you need to set your time 1 hour early”
So basically if your time is now 11.45 AM set it to 10.45 AM

(Thank you)


Answer by Agam Sachan :
For the one that shows a network like symbol, just remove the sim.”

(Thank you)


So? Did you guys know other answer to the puzzle Orbit AI, please share it in the comments so that we can include your answer in the article.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day!