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Aporia Game Review – A Spell Defense Game!

Aporia Game Review – A Spell Defense Game!

A defense game is a game where you protect a location, either a tower, a kingdom, or a base. There are many varieties of defense game, one of the most popular is tower defense. Did you know that there are also other varieties of defense game that is available to download?

Well, it is a sub genre of defense game called Spell defense. The idea is simple, just throw a spell or two to protect and defense your base. Anyway, a game called Aporia is one of a spell defense game.



Block the enemy by using many magic.
Choose magic to kill enemies on perfect timing.
Strategic spell upgrades are very important.

Simple, but Addictive
Defense Game, APORIA by 111%

Aporia is a spell defense game where you block your enemies by using your spell. You can use varies of spell from ice, poison, fire, thunder, and many more. Each spell has their own advantages and disadvantages, for example ice can slow down/freeze the target, Poison can deal damage over time, Thunder will be able to deal multiple target, and fire has a lot of firepower that can deal tons of damage in a short time.

You can only bring up to 10 spell at the same time, and there are plenty of enemies so be sure to strategize yourself to win the stages. The game might sound easy but it is not, it is pretty hard.

So? are you interested in playing the game? Well, if you are then please click on the link below to download and play it. Have a nice day!