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Rotating Brave – Addictive Endless Platform Action Game!

Rotating Brave – Addictive Endless Platform Action Game!


Rotating Brave is a pixel-art platform action game, wield your blades, proceed to the depths of the ruins, using spin attack and various skills to destroy ruin’s guards, upgrade your ability and explore the story. The most important feature of this game is you need to rotate your phone when the level change.

Rotating Brave is an endless pixel platform RPG. The story is that you are someone that wanted to save your woman. Go into the dungeon and then jump onto one platform to another, while at the same time avoid or kill the enemies that blocks your way.

You will be able to upgrade your ability along the way. However, if you fail/die, then you will need to restart everything. It is the same concept but with an unique play style as any endless platform RPG, but the most unique feature is where you rotate your phone after each stages.

This game is smooth and cute at the same time. The music is awesome and there are also a boss battle after a certain stages. Another feature that i love is the upgrade feature that will let you improve your game play by using the point that you get by killing the enemies. without no doubt This game is pretty fun and addictive to play.

FYI, if you want to play, my advice is the timing is really important, or you could simply button mash it to force your way to win the game.

Are you interested in playing? If you do then please click on the link below to download it!

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