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Pre Register on One Piece Bounty Rush – A New Real Time 3D Fighting Game!

Those that is a fan of anime must have known the legendary top most watch and read anime / manga called One Piece. Since then and now, One Piece has made tons of games that is pretty popular. The company, Bandai Namco wants to make things more interesting by making an online game in your mobile smartphone device called One Piece Bounty Rush.



Take the loot you pirate!

*Teams of up to four players face off in the first One Piece game of its kind! Experience the most exciting multiplayer real-time battle action game ever, and teamwork is the key to victory. Rush to grab more Berry coins than your enemies to reach victory – just one Berry can be the difference between winning and losing, so seize as many Berry coins as you can!

*The One Piece world comes to life as the battlefield. Fight through your favorite scenes and locations from the famous One Piece animation. Every match comes complete with items from the One Piece universe to give your team the upper hand. Use whatever you can to lead your team to victory, but watch out for traps!

*Battle rival teams using popular One Piece characters. Every character has unique abilities, so mix and match your team with a good strategy. There are 5 character types – some characters are great for melee combat, while others excel at long range attacks, and others have different skills to support your team. Determine your role among your team and jump into battle. What kind of hero will you be?

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One Piece Bounty Rush has actually been released in Japanese for Beta Testing since Desember 18th, and because of popular demand for all English player. They decided to make an English version of the game. The goal of the game is to collect the most gold in the stages.

The player will fight against another player in real time to compete in the stages. You can damages, defend, from the enemies attack to win the game. However strategy is important in this game. Each stages will last for 5 minutes.

This game hasn’t been out yet. However you can pre-registered it in the link below.

App Rating : ONE PIECE Bounty Rush (Free (In App Purchase))
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