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Taming a Stray Cat Game Review – An Idle Healing Game for Cats Lover!

Taming a Stray Cat Game Review – An Idle Healing Game for Cats Lover!


A stray cat is sweet and adorable but totally picky, so any little thing can cause her to run away. (;◔д◔)

There are various of scenario that could happen when you are trying to pet a stray cat. For example, you found it sitting nearby, and when you are trying to touch it. It ran, or the worse scenario is you get scratch by it. In sense, it is because you haven’t familiarize yourself with it, because of that it grow wary of you.

What can you usually do to get familiarize yourself? Well, the easiest way is to give it various of foods. Which is the same with this game.

This game, Taming a Stray Cat is a simple idle game that you can play whenever you want, give the stray some food and increase its love. You will notice the difference in its behavior when you tap it. It will at first growl at you and after some time it will be happy with your touch. The difference and the art plus animation in the game is so cute that it will make you smile unknowingly.

Of course, besides that, there are also some event that will either make the cat run and you need to restart your game, or the cat will love you more. You need to be careful each time you answer an event.

Are you interested in playing this amazingly cute game? Well, if you do then please click on the link below!

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