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Lolipop Screen Recorder Review – The Easiest Screen Recorder App!

Lolipop Screen Recorder Review – The Easiest Screen Recorder App!

Sometimes, we might want to record something on our phone, especially if you are a gamer. You might want to share some tutorial or even a gameplay of a game.

Well, it might sucks if your phone didn’t have a built in screen recording app, but don’t worry. Here, we are going to give you a screen recording app that is both SMALL SIZED and FREE. It is called Lolipop Screen Recorder.

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Lollipop Screen Recorder is a simple and easy to use screen recorder for devices running on Android 5.0+

It uses official APIs added in Android Lollipop+ so it requires no rooting.

Videos are stored in an easy to find folder, so you can use your favorite applications to view, edit, and share them.

Lolipop Screen Recorder is a small sized screen recorder that is only 2.1 MB to download. You can use it to record a video on any Lolipop device which is android 5.0 or up. This app is really easy to use, with a single click you can automatically use it, literally.

Just push the “start recording button” and you are good to go. This app also lets you have a free premium trial for just a single ads watch, which is generous. However, for some reason the app doesn’t record the in game sound. It might be only me, but it can be fixed by recording using the microphone and blasting the volume on the game up.

Oh and also, some of the feature that is listed on the app description is:

• Use cameras as picture-in-picture.
• Store recordings on SD card.
• Record at full screen resolution.
• Set resolution, orientation, and bit rate.
• Recording start delay.
• Stop recording on screen off.
• Record audio.

So, based on the review, do you want to try and download the app? You could click on the link below to download. Thanks and have a nice day!

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