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Headshot ZD Game Review – Survive in a Zombie Apocalyptic World!

Headshot ZD Game Review – Survive in a Zombie Apocalyptic World!

Zombie apocalyptic is one of the most used setting on any survival game. It usually involve a world infested in zombie where you as a player will have to try hard surviving by gathering bunch of resources, and during that time you will find a bunch of zombies coming at you.

Today, as you have guessed by the tittle, we will be going to review a game called Headshot ZD.


Produced by chemical reaction of nuclear radiation and mysterious air pollutants, the great smog has swept across the globe. 99.9% of all living creatures that have inhaled the deadly smog have turned into the living dead. All nations as we know it have ceased to exist. However, for the 0.1% that have not turned, the fight for survival has just begun…

Blitz through the oncoming zombies with head shots and rescue the survivors.
Gather valuable resources and survive through the post-apocalyptic zombie world of this 2D survival action game.

Although the game is called Headshot ZD, you doesn’t necessarily need to head shoot all the zombies to complete the game. You can achieve an achievements from head shooting bunch of zombies, but that is just all. This game has that unique Pixel 2D Art that is charming in its own way. It also has the combination of any RPG, and Survival game which makes it so addictive.

The gameplay is simple, it is a combination of survival and RPG game. You will find both aspect in the game. The survival will be from you managing your game from food, water, and barrier to fend of zombies. The RPG game aspect is where you will be given a choice of gun, from riffle, handgun, shotgun, and assault riffle to kill of the zombies during exploration.

Each with their own plus and minus. After that, you will be automatically given a character that operates / use the gun. Each character has levels, and ranks. Level will indicate its attack power, ranks will improve its survive ability in all sense from your barrier improvement, how much the character needs food, and water and many more.

This is definitely a great game, and you can also play with your friends by connecting it with Facebook.

So? Are you interested in downloading the game? If you do then please click on the link below to download it.

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Headshot ZD : Survivors vs Zombie Doomsday (Free (In App Purchase))