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Headshot ZD Tips and Tricks – How to Survive More Days!!!

Headshot ZD Tips and Tricks – How to Survive More Days!!!

Based on the Headshot ZD Review, for those that don’t know, HeadShot ZD is one of the most popular game about surviving in a zombies apocalyptic world. The goal of this game is to survive in the game, the longest that you can. Now, we are going to give you some of the tips and tricks. Check them out!

1. Death is not the end

In fact, death is like a new game+ for you. You will be starting from with everything that you own, plus you will be given some part to help you survive the game.

2. Know what will make your game end / Game over

There are 3 things that you need to watch out for:

Food: can be found during exploration but can also be made / replenish through upgrading your farm.

Water: can be found during exploration but can also be made / replenish through upgrading your water well.

Barrier: this must be upgraded by using material, and barbed wire (Rare). However, you can also improve the barrier level by increasing your recruit and level up – ing your recruit.

If you had either 1 of those 3 in red, then you will definitely got a game over at the end of your exploration.

3. Upgrade your farm and water well based on your numbers of recruit

If you have 2 recruit then upgrade your farm and your water well to lvl 2, or else you will spend the rest of your time finding water and food til you die or exile some of your recruits.

4. Don’t be generous and accept any recruit

Even if you help the recruit, don’t be the guy that accept everyone. It is because each time you accept a recruit, your food and water consumption will double, and if you don’t have enough your game will end which means game over.

5. Exile is the best!!

This is the continuation with the third tips. Only accept the recruit to exile them, because by exiling them you will be given some item that can be used to promote your character.

6. Weapon type

Shotgun is a good weapon because you can kill bunch of zombies in one shots and the damage is good but you need to be close more than any other weapon and the reload time is longer than other weapon.

Assault riffle is also another good weapon because you will be able to quickly shots the zombies even though it is only one at a time, however the reload time is also longer than other weapon.

Handgun is a lot faster than shotgun but can only shot 1 shots at a time but it has penetration skill to it. Its damage is also low compare to both but the reload time and the delay between shots is short too.

Riffle has the highest damage and highest penetration, but the delay between shots and its reload time is too long.

7. ADS!!

For free gamers, Ads in this game is not a bother. It is because ads in this game, in fact help you in getting more resource. You will be able to gain more food, water, parts, and material in the game. You will also be able to find a barbed wire which is rare in this game.