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How to Download and Play War Song on Your Android / iPhone

MOBA Game is one of the most popular genre now on any devices. There has been plenty developers and company that made the same kind of genre and one of those company made the game called War Song (ウォーソング).


War song is a MOBA Game that is made by the company SIX JOY. Each character on the game has a certain distinctive role with more than 20 heroes to use. Enjoy a real time match with 9 others people with a 5 VS 5 match setting. Attack the turret and destroy the opposing teams crystal to win the game.


For some people that is using Android, you might find out that this game is not compatible to your device. If you want to play the game, then you need to download and install the APK. It can be downloaded in the link below. So check it out!

Note: Warsong is still on Japanese server and hasn’t been translated. So, there might be an issue of lagging if you are playing it.

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App Rating : War Song(ウォーソング) (Free (In App Purchase))
MOBA GamePlay and Download War SongWar Song (ウォーソング)
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