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WarSong MOBA GAME 5vs5 – The Complete Item Translation in English

This is based on the Warsong game review – here! Although the MOBA game is not going to have an official english release. There are still some people that wanted to have the experience of playing the game.

First of all,  before starting. You need to understand how to set your weapon.

Setting for your item can be found as the picture above.

Next just tap the character as the picture above to change the heroes that you wanted to change. The button besides the character is the recommended set. You can choose which to change in there.

To change the equipment click the button as stated in the picture above

Click on the x button to delete the equipment that you don’t want first, and then add another item by using the plus button.

There you have it. You can now change your items. There are 4 sets of items that you can buy in the game, Attack, Magic, Defense, and Movement which is support. Here we are going to list out some of the most important item that you can buy in the game as well as the description.


Equipment Name Purchase Amount Effect

2400 Attack + 50, Lifesteal + 25%

King Slayer
2400 Attack+30, Critical Chance + 20%
Damage by critical hit will be up by 30%

Swift blade
2400 Attack Speed +20%, Critical Chance +15%, Movement speed +3%
Each time Critical occur, increase movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds

Hurricane Blades
2400 Attack speed +30%, Critical Chance +15%
Each time you attack with your basic attack, your physical attack will go up by 5 (accumulate up to 10 times) for 2 seconds

2200 Attack +30%, Physical Defense +10, Cooldown (CD) Reduction +15%
Each time you attack the enemy, your enemy physical defense will go down by 6% (Accumulate up to 5 times)

Saumur Dagger
2200 Attack +30, Movement speed + 3%
Normal attack will now give 100 magic damage by releasing a lightning chain. (CD 4s)

Crystal Sword
2200 Attack +20, CD Reduction +20%, Movement Speed +3%
Each time you use a skill, Your next basic attack will deal additional damage

2200 Attack +30, Movement speed +3%
Each time you deal basic attack you will gain physical penetration by 5% (Accumulate up to 8 times) for 2s

Jaggy blade
2200 Attack +40, Movement speed +3%, Physical penetration +25%

2200 Attack Speed + 15%, Lifesteal +15%
Each time you deal physical attack, deal 6% damage of the target current HP

Assassin Edge
2000 Attack +40, Movement speed +5%
Each time you go on a stealth / on the bush. Physical damage will increase for the next basic attack. (CD 1s)

2000 Attack +40, Movement speed +10
Each time you go away from combat : Movement speed will increase by 40 and Physical Penetration by 10

Jelick Gauntlet
2000 HP +500
Basic attack will slow down the enemies movement speed by 40%



Equipment Name Purchase Amount Effect

Eternal Fire
2400 Magic attack + 80
Your  magic attack will gain additional magic by + 25%

Saumur staff
2200 Magic attack +80
Each time you use a skill, there will be additional magic damage to the target and surrounding enemies by 50+10% of your magic attack

Foul grail
2200 Magic attack +50, HP +300, CD reduction +20%, Magic Penetration +5
Each time you deal magic damage to the enemies, the targeted enemies will deal additional damage by 4% of the target current HP

Barrier pendant
2200 Magic Defense +50, Physical Defense +20
Gain a barrier each time your HP is less than 30%, Barrier gained will be affected by your level and your magic attack

Unsest Mask
0200 Magic attack +50, HP +300, MP +300, CD Reduction +20%, MP Recovery by 35 every 5s
each time you leave the battle, gain additional MP Recovery by 20%

Avis Eye
2200 Magic attack +50, HP +400, CD Reduction +10%
Surrounding enemies in 600 range will have their Magical Defense lower by 15%

Luminous arc
2200 Magic Defense +30, HP +300, CD Reduction +10%
Each time you use a skill, you will gain additional magic damage to your basic attack

Alkane knife
2000 Magic attack +40, Attack Speed +30%, Movement speed +8%
Each time you deal 3 normal attack, you will deal additional damage by 70% of your magic attack

Gelid Wand
2000 Magic Attack +50, HP + 300 ,Movement Speed ​​+ 5%, CD Reduction + 10%
Enemy Damaged by your skill will have -20% of their movement speed

1900 Magic attack +50
Magic Penetration +30%

Extra-long candlestick
1800 Magic attack +30, HP +400, CD Reduction +10%
Each time you deal magic damage, you will recover your HP by 10% of your maximum HP (CD 6s)


Equipment name Purchase amount effect

Nether chest
2200 HP +200, Physical Defense +20
when you are attacked by the enemies, the enemies attack speed and movement speed will decrease by 15%

Ice emblem
2200 Physical Defense +30, MP +300, CD Reduction +20%
Enemies that you basic attacked for 5 times, their movement and attack speed will decrease by 30% within the range of 800

Empire Medal
2200 Physical Defense +10, Magic Defense +10
For each enemy hero within 600 range, you will gain additional physical and magic defense by 12 and resist by 6% (up to 5 because there are 5 enemy heroes)
Adaptrobe 2000 HP +200, Magic Defense +45
Gain additional barrier that absorb magical damage every 40s
Hedgehog Mail 2000 Physical Defense + 25
Reflect 15% of regular attack damage received as an magic damage to the attacker.

Ice pulse hammer
2000 HP +200, Physical Defense +10, CD reduction +20%
skill use, the next normal attack becomes the range deceleration, and physical damage is added (preparation time 4 seconds) (I don;t understand this item)

Revival cloak
2000 HP + 500, magic defense + 25
Healing effect received + 20%

Burning seal
1800 HP + 300, Physical Defense + 10
Deal 15 to 43 magic damage per second to the surrounding enemies
Regeneration Stone 1800 HP + 800, HP recovery +20 every 5 seconds
After leaving combat, recover 5% of the maximum HP every second

Samson hammer
1750 HP +500
When your HP is less than 30% you will gain additional +25 physical damage and a barrier

Relief shield
1600 HP + 300, HP 20 recovery every 5 seconds
Allies within 800 range will gain additional Physical and Magic Defense by 10


Support / Movement

Equipment name Purchase amount effect

Element boots
800 Magic attack+ 30, CD Reduction+ 10%
Movement speed + 45

Warrior boots
800 Attack + 15, Attack Speed ​​+ 10%
Movement Speed ​​+45

Spell Breaker Boots
800 HP + 200, Magic Defense + 15
Movement Speed ​​+45

Pioneer boots
750 Movement speed +35
After leaving combat, movement speed + 45 and recover 40 HP per second.

Battle Boots
750 HP + 200, physical defense + 10
movement speed + 45
WarSongWarSong Item Translation in English
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