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3 Addictive Puzzle RPG Games that You Should Try on 2018!

Addictive Puzzle RPG Games that You Should Try on 2018!

Puzzle RPG is one of the most downloaded and played genre on any platform, Mobile, PC, or console. It become even more famous since the creation of mobile app best fiends that is being marketed by every Youtuber.

Nowadays people are searching for the same genre but has a different feel to it. Either graphic, sounds, ambiance, or anything. Today, we are going to give you some of the best and addicting puzzle RPG game. Check them out!

1. Farm Heroes Super Saga


The makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga are back with even bigger Cropsies and more switcher fun in Farm Heroes Super Saga! Help the Farm Heroes defeat Rancid and win the Country Show in this adorable match 3 adventure.

The Farm Heroes know Rancid Raccoon is up to his old tricks again and it’s up to you to help them defeat him in this puzzle quest. Grow and harvest the biggest Super Cropsies and stop Rancid from ruining the fun for everyone!

Adventure through this Farmtastic puzzle game while collecting as many Cropsies as you can! Help Fidget the squirrel collect his nuts, harvest adorable Super Cropsies and go on a puzzle quest to meet exciting new Farm Heroes. Be careful on your adventure and watch for Rancid Raccoon, he will pop up and try to stop you when you least expect him…

2. Wedding Escape

Source: (iOS & Android Gameplay)


Escape the matrimonial life in this innovative puzzle adventure. Match as many coins and diamonds as possible to advance to the next level and unlock power-ups along your journey. Collect up to 60 characters while competing for high scores with friends and the rest of the world.

Wedding Escape is made by a single developer and any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks for playing!

3. Match Land

Source: (Sonic0Ring)


Welcome to Match Land! Run a fantasy medieval market in this match 3 adventure! Form a team of heroes then battle and catch critters to serve as ingredients for your fantasy food shops! Yum!

Match Land is a puzzle Fantasy RPG game, your goal is to keep your food shop running by selling monster as your main ingredients. You can capture when exploring by using a team of heroes. Battle through 300 levels with 25 bosses to beat through while playing this puzzle RPG game.