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Top Non-English Game that You Need to Play on 2018!

English is an international language that is use all over the world. Which is why most game is made by using english as their base language. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good non-english game.

In fact, there are tons of Japanese and Chinese game that plenty of english player that wanted to play the game. Today, we will give you a list of non english game that are really good. Check them out!

1. Pokemon Counter (Name may change) (Chinese name : 口袋逆袭(口袋妖怪逆袭))

Description (Google translate)

The new ARPG hand travel February 1 does not delete files to show off! 3A-level game quality, 3D fine wizard model, to create immersive gaming experience. Real-time combat system, hearty fun pleasure, one second burning! Ultra-large wizard lineup, the whole generation of wizard animal debut! More new 3V3 chaos fighting, 3V3 tower play, fun not greasy to stimulate interesting.

New hatchery system, the legendary genie hatch free, casual player big counterattack! There are many super-play, massive event colorful debut! Now log in to the game, instantly become a master training!

Get it: here!


2. Sword Art Online: Integral Factor


Sword art online” latest game!
Your next protagonist is yourself!
As one of the capture team, as an online RPG aiming for 100 layers of Einclad with players captured from all over the country!

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3. Identity V (Dead by daylight game)


The fifth personality is Netease’s first asymmetric anti-competitive game. Players will play detective Orffis, after receiving a mysterious letter of trust, enter the infamous manor to investigate a missing case. In the process of evidence investigation, the player will play the Orffis interpretation method, the case review.

In the case review, the player can choose to play the butcher or escape, launched a fierce confrontation. And in the process of investigation, infinite close to the truth, but found the more and more terror of the truth.

Get it: here!

The game is still on open beta, you need to reserve it first before playing it. You also need a Chinese vpn to play the game.

Best Non English GameIdentity V (Dead by daylight game)Pokemon CounterSword Art Online: Integral Factor
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